i am using a lincol 1000 i was wondering when setting the time for the conveyor is it times from beginning pizza goes in til time whole pizza is out?

The time is for one spot on the belt to go from the entrance to the exit. I have my oven set for 8:40 but a 14 " takes 12 minutes

thanks i had a company tell me its from leading edge in to leading edge out and that didnt make sense so i wanted to dbl check

The leading edge is one spot on the belt. The diameter of the pizza will determine the total bake time of the pizza. If you have a 60" bake chamber with your time set to 6 minutes your belt moves an inch every 6 seconds. If you are cooking a 14" pizza your bake time would be 6 minutes plus 14 extra 6 second inches. This would give you a total bake time of 7 minutes and 24 seconds.

Here is the math formula. You can substitute your oven time to get the time it will take to bake your pizza.
[LEFT][FONT=Georgia][COLOR=rgb(20, 20, 20)]Total bake time = Oven time+(Pizza size x Time per inch)[/FONT][/LEFT]
Oven Time: 6 minutes x 60 = 360 seconds
Chamber length: 60 inches
Time per inch: 360 seconds divided by 60 inches = 6 seconds per inch