how much time before you start making money? I started this place from scratch. It used to be a bakery.

What kind of boxes do you use? Do you buy them pre-folded?

no I fold them myself

We buy pre-folded. Makes sense and cheaper than buying them unfolded. Why pay someone to unfold them so that you can fold them. Makes no sense. Keep your eyes on the prize!


Are you on crack? What in THE HELL are you talking about? This is like the fourth ignorant post I’ve seen from you today. Who are you?

ok well what do you mean by making money? do you mean paying off the loan or whatever source of cash you used? or do you mean profit as in i made my monthly payment the rest is mine?

At $300 per day your not going to make any money for a while. You can skim off a few bucks here & there & maybe slow pay a creditor or two. You need to get to a point that your taking home a few bucks or you will sour on the biz real fast. Your working for less than free right now. Whatever it may be, even $50, pay yourself something every week–or even everyday. Than pay everyone else, but not your employees ALWAYS PAY EMPLOYEES FIRST, a little bit late. Got it?

I guess it all depends on your overhead!!! Right Johnny?

For instance, I have a 2000 sq. ft. fully equipped store that I rented for $100 a month, the Garbage, Utilities, Phone Service, and Insurance cost me all total about $800 a month. It currently does, $5000 a week, My Food Cost is 30%, I spend $1000 a month on Advertising, and I spend $850 a week on labor. Do the Math Johnny!!!
Yeah! I make about $2200 a week profit, and I only visit that store 2 days a week for a total of 2 hours.

Low overhead is the key in my experience. I learned the hardway, I use to own a nightclub that had $36,000 in monthly overhead. Needless to say, I left with narely the shirt on my back. I went from HERO to ZERO in that enterprise.

I used to target large cities, with large populations, but I have learned that the small towns littered across the U.S. are a gold mines. I have found several low rent situations, and even a couple of no rent situations adjoined to Bars. I make just as much now in a $5k a week store, as I used to make 12 years ago working for DPI, in a $20K a week store.

If I can find a bar with no foodservice, I can usually convince the Bar Owner into leasing me the kitchen for less than $300/mo. The Kitchens are generally equipped with 90% of the equipment you need.
If I only $300 a night, alone, the first two nights I pay off the overhead, the next two nights I pay food cost, and the last three night each week I earn my pay check.

Amazing…trash, garbage, utilities phone & insurance for $800 per month. Could you break that down for us. Are you paying all your gas & electric or is it split? I like how you think, BTW