how much time before you start making money? I started this place from scratch. It used to be a bakery.

Not too much longer, maybe a couple of weeks & you’ll be okay. Make sure you keep the place nice & clean…try bleach, soap & water on the floor. Works Awesome!!!

How big is your place? Do you offer dancing with music? We converted a bakery into a pizza shop, we had windows, but no doors. We didn’t get our flour delivery for 3 weeks before we figured it out. I put in the door myself. Definitely helped. Then I started offering dancing and selling slices for just $1. Just cheese. really got us going.

Do you sell gyros? You want make money, sell gyros. Get the paper cap & everything. Get a big sign that says: “WE SELL THE GYROS HERE!”, big letters. Than people will know you have the GYRO. Do you sell milkshakes? Milkshakes & Gyros…idea, great combo. Make a sign that says: “GYRO & MILKSHAKE COMBO RIGHT HERE WE GOT YOU COVERED” Big letters. Very good for lunch business especially business lunch. Do you have a moustache? that helps, think about it.

I don’t know about the dancing. Dancing and pizza don’t seem like a good combination business wise. I know a lot of places try it though. We offer roller skating, rent the skates and everything. We got a cotton candy machine, popcorn machine & lockers. The lockers dont work cause i welded them all shut, but it looks good. My son is the DJ. Come check us out.

Did you buy the rollerskates new or did you buy them from a rink that closed?

You must have a pretty big spot. I just got a pepsi cooler today and they brought out a 2 door and I needed a one door.