Tinted Front Windows

What is everyone’s opinion on tinting your front windows at your restaurant? We have a wall of windows on the front of our building. It consists of 5 large windows that are a total of 31’ long and 8’ high. A couple of tint companies suggested 35% silver reflective or a 35% regular tint. Both would make amazing differences on my cooling bill (middle GA) and also on sun fade on my furniture. I am just hesitant because I’m not sure how it would affect business with customers not being able to see inside the building as they drove by. Not even sure if it would make a difference at all as far as sales go…

What are your thoughts?


As far as the driving by thing, how many people ever actually look into a business as they are driving anyways ? As long as your signs and advertising is still visible over the tint i say go for it. The savings in electrical will be worth it and you can divert that to more advertising $, which in turn will turn into more profit $ (yes i am being optimistic).

I also have a large window across the front of my store, and i have seriously considered it every year. Just have not done it yet because the sun really only effects me for about 45 minutes a day for 2 to 3 months tops.

Yes, it is very brutal for us. These windows are easterly facing so we are blinded every day from about 10 - 5. It makes it like a greenhouse in there.

Any thoughts on silver reflective vs regular tint?

I would personally only consider regular tint as it can still be seen thru (well easier to see thru then silver).

I was thinking of doing the lower grade(?) type that is not completely black (think of window tinting for cars, they have grades from very little blocked to complete darkness which is illegal in some states). But i have a western facing store front, so for me, i would not need full protection like you.

In your case, because you are a eastern facing store front i would consult a window company and see what % of tint they would recommend. Also you would not need to do the entire window from floor to ceiling. Just come up with some signage or something artistic to separate the normal window for the tint to make it look good (my store front actually has it broken into 3 sections with wood trim. So i have blinds on the very top section, and i would only need to tint the middle section. The bottom section i would not even bother with).