Tiny deck ovens

I am sure you all have seen the bakers pride 2 pizza deck ovens. but they are $2,500 bucks.

Has anyone bought or used a Admiral craft or kitchen monkey, they are only $700?

I wanted to get one to reheat slices or finish a well done pizza to give it a crispy crust.

I have had my BP slice oven for 20yrs and never had an issue so I would say it is worth it…

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what temp do you use to reheat slices?

keep on 400…we cook with Edge but finish all cripsy & well done pies in there since it can hold 2 18" pies at once

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That was my plan also. when people ask for well done, what they really mean is crispy crust, I currently push the pizza back in but that burns the cheese, and also conveyors are just not very good at getting crust crispy. so I thought id put it in the deck oven for about 1 minute to just crispen up the crust.

Also the name Kitchen Monkey doesn’t really inspire confidence :grinning:

for us crispy mean 2 minutes in the slice oven and well done is 4…timer used for everything including slices

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