Tip situation

How do you all handle when a server has a table come in and stays until after shift change?

Usually the person who waited on them will stay until they have finished. The daytime shift usually ends at 4:30-5. The night shift comes in at 4 to prepare salads. So if another table comes in say at 4:20 we gave the daytime person the option of taking it or passing it on. Now if the customer stayed past their shift and she didn’t want to wait she would tell one of the girls she trusted to get the tip for her and hold it till the next day.

Echo what Knightwing said, but you also need to let the guest know what’s going on. The server or a manager should tell the guest that their shift is over and so-and-so will be taking care of them. I think it’s rude to ask them to close out and open a new check. I’ve had servers do that to me before though…

I’m always amazed when I see people at a table, obviously just talking, who don’t pay up when the server mentions change-of-shift. I always do that when out, no matter what point I am in my meal, and if I want more I’ll start a new ticket.

But, yeah, just make sure the manager knows there is potential tip awaiting.

Way back in my days… the server that started would just introduce the replacement server to the table and then that server would close out the sale when finished. The manager would process it in the pos since it was under the now off servers number. We always gave the tip to the original server and depending on how much effort or time was in from the replacement…the original server would just split the tip accordingly. It also helps when the servers get along with each other…just help one another out as needed!

I’ve seen it a couple different was. The server who tags the table, gets them set up will get the tips put into a envelope and picked up next shift. The other way is if the server is off, and leaving the building, the pull their tag and give it to the next server. The other way is like what was mentioned above where the server stays until all their tables are gone.

For the past 17 years we have done it as the other posters have said. The next person takes over and staples money to their time card. Never been a problem. Anyway, one of our former employees quit and filed for unemployment and said she had not received her tips she left on tables. Having been a waitress, I get it and have tried to pass it along to the other servers it is a win win for everyone as there will be days they are leaving tables. Anyway, as far as I know the tips are always passed on to original server.

I have asked the employees and they agree it just never happened. It should also be noted she is off Sat and Sunday and time cards are collected Sunday so I AM WHO PASSSES IT ON TO HER. (I put any tips I find on time cards in with their paycheck)

I’m extremely upset she is accusing us from stealing her tips and was trying to find a solution to never be accused again. I was thinking of telling the server if she wants her tip she will have to wait until they leave. But there are those tables that linger for hours. I was also thinking this is just a ticked off employee and why do I care? (Btw she lost the unemployement she had told them we fired her when she actually walked out cuz she was made she had to work Fridays) LOL

Ugh…just another day in paradise I guess. :mrgreen:

Wait a second…so let me get this straight. She walked off the job and is saying she did not receive the tips that were left on the tables she abandoned that night? Didn’t another server have to take over those tables and close them out after she QUIT! HeII no she is not deserving of any tips for those sales. She did not just have an end of shift…she left them hanging. I would give the tips to the server that covered her immature act and leave it at that. You are not stealing anything she gave up the right to receive compensation from your customers when she left your employment.