Tipping well means you are paid too much?

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Tipping well means you are paid too much?

I am retired from the Navy and receive a small but comfortable pension. My wife is employed full time as an assistant manager in retail. Since when does ones living circumstances or tipping habits factor into whether or not their pay is fair? Should I be paid less due to my other income? Should I tip more because of my retirement income? Can one also assume that if a pizza shop owner can afford luxurious vacations or that they drive expensive cars or live in luxury homes that they must be underpaying their employees?

Tipping in tipping situations is the right thing to do, and tipping well makes the tipper feel even better about the experience. I never verbally complain about poor service, but instead frequent those places much less. For good service I tip well, and for exemplary service, I tip even better, and make a point to speak to the manager on duty and praise the server and food and experience in detail. Negative reports can kill a good employee having a bad day. Positive reports have a cumulative effect and are much more effective in ensuring the experience desired by the customer.

I believe that tipping gives the customer greater control about the delivery service where employees are unsupervised for the majority of the time. Tipping allows the customer to reward servers for good service, and low tips punish poor service. It is an incentive for all parties to give and receive the best service possible. Without a tipping environment, what incentive do employees have to offer the best service? Delivery service might likely become as lethargic as trash pickup by city employees. IMHO. tip credit robs employees of this incentive.

Tipping is good in tipping situations. Tipping well makes both the tipper and the server feel good. Mocking good tipping practices is counter intuitive to anyone in the delivery or table service business in countries where tipping servers is customary.

I think Dave was making a joke but seeing your hypersensitive reaction to it made me rethink it all. Perhaps Dave was calling it as he sees it. It is not a secret that the “wa” in wa dave stands for Western Australia. Dave has discussed multiple times on this forum that tipping delivery drivers is not customary in his country. He may have thought that the vacation you spoke of was taken at Myrtle Beach in New South Wales, Austrailia where tipping the pizza driver $20 would probably not have been customary and possibly considered an insult. So seeing as you were insulting his fellow countryman, he felt it necessary to call you out on the PMQ boards.

http://articles.latimes.com/2007/may/20 … tr-money20

Paul you were right I was only taking the p1ss. Sorry but I do have a warped sense of humour and love fishing … hooked a big one - hook, line and sinker :lol:
If someone offered a $20 tip you would take the money and run before you found out what they wanted for the $20 :wink:
Nah, we don’t get insulted here … we have hides thicker than a rhino … we just love taking the p1ss out of someone.
Loosen up gregster. I hear what you are saying and appreciate your situation and outlook, but read between the lines for what it said (ie smilelys and emotions attached). Hope you enjoyed your break away from driving anyway.


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No problem Dave. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

What the heck does that mean? Why don’t any of you Australians speak English? :lol: The English don’t speak English either, which can be very frustrating for Americans :lol:

When my wife and daughter were in the States 18 months ago, in Boston to be exact, a young girl serving them in a shop asked where do you come from. When they told them Australia the girl asked what language did they speak there … duh !!! :o :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: Are you related to her by any chance. Or were you in drag for the day ??? :stuck_out_tongue:


That mean you are making too much!!!