Say no to kids meal bullies

Today, I received a call from a small chain of restaurants in South America. They were complaining about their current kids meal toy provider in the US and how their prices had continued to escalate every quarter. I asked them if they had tried to contact the manager or owner of the company to negotiate better rates, considering they had been with that company for over 5 years.


Nice artical and thanks for the advise. I look forward to seeing your future story in the magazine…

Hi there,

This is my first post, I was searching to see if there is anyone from Hong Kong on here and found this thread. So I guess I should introduce myself first :slight_smile:

My name is Sean, I’m originally from England, but have lived in Hong Kong for 34 years.

If anyone is interested in sourcing anything from here or China I can help out, just drop me a line.


sean-if you know anyone over there who would want to buy around 10,000 or so 16" cheeses pizzas we can arrange that. Heck I’ll even throw in a few hundred 2 lt. of Pepsi