Tired of mixing dough by hand for pizza

I’m considering getting a Hobart A120. This first one looks very nice. It has a 1/4 hp motor. The second one looks more used, but has a 1/2 hp motor. I’m looking to make pizza dough 2 times a week and bread dough once a week. Any thoughts and feedback much appreciated.

How much dough do you plan to make per week? That’s a pretty small mixer. We used to use an A-120 for sauces, and creams and used an A-200 for pizza dough. The A-200 could handle 1 gallon water, 13.5# flour per batch.

Not sure your budget/size requirements but we’ve been very happy with our sinmag 80P spiral mixers. They do take 3 phase and we’re about 6k new