To go packaging

What is everyone doing for to go packaging for chicken wings?

We use a hinged 9x6 or a 9x9 eco container lined with a sheet of foil depending on size ordered.

Dont use a combo container, you will always end up with a stack of lids with no bottoms


Lol love how we are all living the same life with losing the bottoms


pizza boxes with a deli paper down. We tried the hinged container and decided it created too mush condensation and made the wing soggy. Pizza boxes allow the steam to escape keeping it crispier…IMHO

And 100% agree with December and if you go that route always get hinged for the exact reason mentioned

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We also use 9x9 containers. Bone in wings are not breaded and boneless are coated with sauce anyway,

I tried chinese food packaging. It worked very well but i ran into issues of supply during covid

Pizza box with foil … and some more characters to meet the 20 character minimum

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