To Small Of A Spot?

Is 1000 sq. ft enough to start a pizza/sub carryout shop? I am looking at a spot in a strip mall that is next to a large business center. It is also off of a main highway and will be right across the street from a Walmart they are now building. i know it would be cramped but I was wondering if it could be done?

The smallest shop that I am aware of is right at about 600-square feet. Very tight.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

We have 790 sqft…a little on the tight side but has worked out fine for 15yrs. Plus, the smaller space means lower rent.

Pizzasource what type of operation do you have? What do you serve if I may ask?


Mainly pizza cooked in a conveyor plus side items like chicken wings, breadsticks, salds etc…all-in-all a pretty simple menu.

I have 850 sq feet.

Very very tight for the volume i do

Any chance of nearby offsite dry storage? Someplace you could store canned goods and boxes? We have about 1200 sq feet on our main level plus 500 more upstairs which is more than we need but I would not like to run our business out of the 1200 alone.

It all depends on your equipment requirements. To be sure you can make it work, get some graph paper and draw out the space. Then take another sheet and draw and cut out each piece of equipment, your front counter and whatever other items will take up a substantial amount of room. Lay these out on in different formations and see if you can make it all fit with enough room for a person to walk/work.

We’ve saved space at one of our current location (and a previous one) by having the walk-in cooler set up out back of the store. If your landlord will allow that to be done, it’s like working out of an extra 100-200 sqft depending on the amount of cooling space you need.

My first shop was only 700 sq. feet. We had a delco which worked well for the location. It was long and narrow with a walk in in the back end. It was perfect for a beginner.

1000 square feet is fine if it is set up well. The busiest store in our chain is set up in 1000 feet. They knocked a hole in their wall and moved the walk in cooler outside so that saved 150 feet or so. Any chance of locating the walk in outside?

We at 800sq ft, works fine. Low stock holding but our suppliers deliver weekly and are very rarely out of stock on anything. Just needs a bit of planning.

Hi Guys :

1000 Sq Ft is tight but doable .

We like to work with 1200 or better as it allows for sufficient storage space.

With enough storage space you can buy better and take advantage of specials.

We have designed thousands of Pizza shops nation wide many were 1000 sq ft.

George Mills