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Not sure if you have heard of the chicago pizza and grinder co. Anyway they have what they call a pizza pot pie. It is a pizza that all the ingredients are put in a bowl and then covered with dough and cooked until done, When they bring it to your table they turn it upside down so all the ingredients fall into the crust. I have tried this but get a very watery mix of ingredients. Their cheese is very thick and chewy, not watery like mine tuned out. I do not think they cut and vent holes in the crust either but yet no watery ingredients. Do you know how I can accomplish this. Do you think their cheese is a mozz provalone mix or something that won’t get watery and stay thick and chewy. You can do a search of the chicago pizza and grinder co and they have a pic of it on their web site.
Thanks, Kel


 We do something close at our store.  Maybe this will help you, maybe it won't...
  1. Get a 20-22 oz dough patty. Roll it out to about 18" in diameter. Place it in a 12" Deep Dish pan (you’re rolling it out to 18" because you don’t want any air trapped between the dough patty and the pan).

  2. Put whatever ingredients you want, followed by cheese and sauce.

  3. Get a 16 oz. dough patty. Roll it out to about 16" in diameter. Place it on top of the “pizza” remembering also that you don’t want air pockets.

  4. With the rolling pin, roll over the top of the pan, cutting the dough in the process.

  5. Fold the edges over on the sides and firmly press them against the side of the Deep Dish pan, therefore sealing the edges so that it looks like the edges of an actual pie.

  6. I can’t tell you the rest because I’d be giving you part of a recipe, but the “technique” I just told you about might be what they’re using over there in Chicago.

Hope this helps. -J_r0kk