Toast POS & Delivery

We are entertaining the idea of a new POS and love everything about Toast except their delivery functionality. It is missing some significant features on the dleivery side but everything else is awesome. Does anyone in here use Toast and do more than 300 deliveries a week? I am looking for someone who does a good amount of delivery while using the Toast POS system to let me know if it can function at higher volumes.

This exact reason was ultimately why we opted not to go with Toast, there is virtually zero in house delivery capabilities. In my mind, Toast is really only useful for traditional dining restaurants and less so quick casual operations but they completely missed the mark on the delivery service type…the segment projected to increase the most in coming years {insert eye roll}.

What POS do you currently use?

We are also looking for a POS system and do a lot of deliveries. 80% of our sales come through the phones or website, and they are take out and delivery mostly.

Have you looked into HungerRush?