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Half and half pizzas question:

This pricing may seem strange but we’ve always charged this way.

We charge the side that has the most items.
But we do not discount the items cause it’s half of the pizza.

Base price 10.00
Items $1.00

1st half- 4 items @1.00 each
2nd half 2 items @1.00 each

Total cost 10.00 plus 4.00
for a total of 14.00.

Can toast do this?

You set up the pricing, and the items.

But can it be programmed like the example in my post?

There is no programming available.

@Chris_Guerrera Did you ever find out the answer to this? We are looking at moving to Toast and do a lot of 1/2 and 1/2 pies and charge the same way. We charge for the greater half that they order… thanks!

You could technically do that. But you’d just have to create a separate item for every possible 1/2 and 1/2 combination.

Hopefully Toast would do that for me haha. Hmm, so would that mean we couldn’t do half specialty pies and half custom pies…

You can do half specialty and half CYO on Speedline. You can choose the percentage on how to split the price up or choose for it to all cost the same as a whole specialty. As far as your first question about 4 toppings and 2 toppings, I’m not entirely sure on that front, but there are so many settings within Speedline that it is probably doable

I know you can do 1/2 & /2 toppings, and specialty pies with Hungerrush. I use them in my restaurant. Its a lifesaver when we are busy with a line out the door!

Yeah, there’s PDQ, Hungerrush, Speedline, etc… those are more geared specifically to pizzerias. Toast is extremely intuitive and user friendly but may lack those specific pizzeria features that you’re referring to. On Toast you’d had to create a specific button for every possible 1/2 and 1/2 combination a customer could order. Which would work but it’s just more buttons on your POS.

You could do this with Microworks Prism. And they allow you to negotiate your own CC processing rates which could save you 3-4k per 500k in revenue processed. Each year.

Curious here why you mentioned the negotiating of CC rates? Does this company process your cards along with being the POS supplier? If so, that seems like it could result on a disaster if that’s the only option you have to process with. Changing processors at that point would be changing POS provider as well. Am I interpreting that correctly?

Yes you are understanding that correctly. You would have to switch your entire POS system to change credit card processors once you go with Toast.

I read it as with microprism works. That makes more sense now, thanks for clarifying