Toast vs Breadcrumb thoughts?

Possibly moving from Aloha/NCR to Toast or Breadcrumb. Have heard good things from both sides but friends are not in pizza biz, they have other restaurants. We have crap wifi in our area so need something that can be hardwired to Cat5 Ethernet. Thanks for any input!

Crap wifi? How so? Too much interference from neighboring wifi networks?

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You can also buy something like this to plug into your tablet/whatever device your using.

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Don’t know Breadcrumb, I moved from Clover to Toast. It’s not made for pizzas, but do a good job for online ordering, for a decent price

Thx. When you say Toast is not made for pizza, what do you mean? Is there a limit on modifications/toppings etc? Is it easy to use? Does it come with handheld devices? Do you like it? How many terminals do you have? Rough cost? (just curious if they charge differently in different states)

Lots of interference from neighbors. We are on a block that’s mixed commercial/residential and everyone is still working from home and then on top of it we have lots of walls. The extender doesn’t seem to work very well either. Long running issue…

I have 1 cash drawer, 3 screens and one Kitchen Display. With online ordering it costs me $275/mo.

I don’t like that they don’t/can’t do coupons. It that I have to have a separate item for S M L XL Pizza, computers should be able to change the base price and bring in the right size toppings price wise

I don’t really like the way you have to do tips, there is no way to just evenly split them.