Today's the Day!

We finally were certified & passed our inspections for a “simple” remodel for our new store…man, what you can do w/only 500 sq. ft.!

Starting quite low-key…had a 2 hr training session & made our 1st batch of dough…been a while…

Friday is sampling day…plan opening just serving pizza wings till the middle of next week…

Attached are a few pics if anyone cares…(hope the links work o.k.)

looks like a nice place…where did you get those menu boards?

Looks nice. Good luck with everything!

The menu boards were designed on an old Mac Powerbook, using Pagemaker and a font called “Chalk Dust”…bought a hi-rez image ($12) of a chalk board and used it as the background jpg…had it printed & mounted, but not laminated, so to create a more realistic faux board

The links worked last night, but just tried them to show my wife,. and they all fail. Did the pictures move . . .or maybe that site is just not working right nowe?

Do you have dine-in and where are you located? I have some forum friends in Orlando.

I just ckd 2 menu links…both seemed 2 work…try again

we’re in a C-store, so only a DelCo