Tom, effect of yeast on dough?

My home dough is growing to the appropriate size in about a day in the fridge. When I worked at PJs, it took 3-5 days to get to the correct size. Is this solely a function of yeast, whereas if I cut the amount in half, it would have a longer shelf life?

could be too much yeast, the temp of the H2O or the finished temp of the dough when it comes off the mixer

I just called Tom today at AIB and his voicemail said he’d be out until the 18th. Snow, you might be waiting a while for the answer from Mr. Lehman.

But, check the temp of your water. The cooler the water the longer the proofing process. Also, if you cut the yeast, you cut the taste… that’s a no-no if your original recipe is correct.


when they delivered the dough to the pj store what temperture was it is at
little above freezing? that should help you get where you want to you want very slow fermentation control your fridge temp use the top shelf it is usualy colder put your dough in a metal container it keeps the temp
and when you finish your dough mixing temp should be about 65 degree meaning you need to use ice with your water but remove the ice before you add the flour and you can use some ice to control your mixer bowel
at finishing temp 65 your dough will rise do not worry but it will take longer for it to do so and that is what you want the longer fermentation the more suger being extracted from the flour in your dough better flavor do not go with low yeast keep it at 0.5% instant dry yeast another thing you can do to have a lighter dough when you finish mixing do not divide and round let the dough ferment in bulk and at double rising take the dough out and stretch it put the dough on the counter the good side down that is the top of the dough stretch the dough and then fold the right side to little pass the midle of the dough then do the same thing from the right side over laping what you did allready now bring the backside in and the front side in by folding into the dough let the dough set in the fridg for another day or less take it out divide and round but this time beverycarful not to expell alot of gas take the dough back to the fridge or let it set on the counter to rest for a while then it is ready to go in the oven