Tom Feltenstein- Pizza Radio Interview

Hi- I really enjoyed the Tom Feltenstein interview on Pizza Radio (good going Steve)- has anybody tried his ideas? Especially the “come back in 24 hours (pizza may need 48 hours…) and get your order for half price promotion”? Seems like a neat idea- I think I have very few customers that come back within 24-48 hours- I suppose that getting a customer to come back fast should make a good impression on them. He also suggest the smile promotion- that is put a little tag on the name tag that says if “I don’t smile you get $2” if the employee smiles the whole time they get to keep the $2.

Sam’s Club offers a dollar if the “associate” checking you doesn’t call you by name. I have heard my name butchered so bad that it is no longer funny. A smile promotion would only be effective if someone is truely happily smiling rather than just showing some teeth.

Pizza Dolphin, we’re glad you enjoyed the interview and I think the key word in your response is “idea.” Maybe a “smile” promotion isn’t plausible for the reason paul7979 mentioned, it could come off as bogus. But the point is “ideas.” As long as operators are constantly thinking and pondering how to improve their business, chances are they’ll be successful. The next good, workable promotion is as close as that light bulb going off over your head.
Thanks to all Think Tank contributors and keep those ideas coming!