Tom L or anybody-Anvil 60 quart mixer

I have a few questions about it
I’ve been using a VCM now I bought this

Any difference in recipe (besides switching to IDY)?
I have seen PizzaTV Video

What’s this about tinned bowl?
I’m not sure if that’s what I’ve got but it seems light

What attachments to dice/shred cheese with it?

Any other tips appreciated I haven’t used this type of mixer
for about 25 years

Thanks, Paul

there are a number of good dough formulas on PMQ recipe bank, pick the type closest to what you want and go from there
IDY works godd for me and alot of other people too
I do not have attachments, I do think they fit all standard #12 hubs that come on Anvil, Hobart, and most of the others
I’d get a new mixer, Anvil will be less inn $, probably will not have the duration of a Hobart, but will probably go for some years before needing any major service, depending on how much you load it up…do smaller batches that what it is designed for and it will last much longer, in other words, get a bigger mixer that you would routinly need,
hope that helps,

Paul, are you saying that you BOUGHT an Anvil 60qt? If so, I REALLY want to hear about your experiences going forward. I have been “curious” about how these will perform. I haven’t been willing to gamble my money on one of these off-brand mixers, but if someone else has, I’m ALL for hearing your experiences. If they’re good enough, I might just go that route. If it’s cheap crap, sharing your experiences will be invaluable to the rest of us. It’s pretty obvious we can buy 2 Anvils for what a new Hobart would cost. Until someone else plays guinea pig on this, the advice has always been (popular opinion, never heard anyone argue against the advice) to buy a used Hobart and if you’ve got the extra money, get a tech out and run through it and replace anything that’s worn. It should still be cheaper than the cost of an Anvil, BUT the Anvil will be new and the Hobart will not be.

I did buy it. I found on craigslist and bought it, it’s 1 year old for $3000
It was a consignment at a local restaurant equipment store ( where he had bought it) and they had a brand new one for $7800. Mine looks identical to that one except for a scratch in the paint on top and no bowl dolly or owners manual.

It is working good but of course i can’t speak yet for it’s durability

I had been thinking of buying the berkel 60 qt on for about $7000

What kind of mixer are you using now?


The VCM is a great little mixer. The only problem with this type of mixer is that it tends to heat the dough up, but this can be easily overcome by putting several gallons of ice water in the bowl between the mixing of multiple doughs. I like to keep a 5-gallon bucket of ice water handy when I’m mixing several doughs back to back. Mix a dough, remove it from the bowl, pour in the ice water and let it set for a minute or so, pour it back into the bucket and begin staging up the next dough, repeat as necessary.
With the VCM you will need to pre-hydrate both ADY and IDY yeasts. If you use compressed yeast, you should suspend it in the water by adding the water to the mixer, then adding the yeast and running the mixer for a few seconds, then add the flour and other ingredients.
Your mixing bowl is cast aluminum alloy, not to worry. There are two agitators for the VCM, one is sharp and curved, the other is flat and dull. The flat, dull agitator is for mixing dough. The sharp one is for cutting things like cheese. No attachments are available for the VCM (no attachment hub). Typical mixing time will be in the range of 70 to 90 seconds.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

My question is about the Anvil 60 qt mixer that I bought.

Will it work with small batches (15# of flour)?

If my recipe includes honey, when should I add it?

Do I use speed 2 like in pizzaTV video or only speed 1?
It has 3 speeds

is the cheese shredding attachment the one that looks like a meat grinder with small round holes or something with the pelican head attachment?
I have a #12 Hub

Thanks for the help, Paul

I’ve got to plead ignorance in that I’m not familiar with the Anvil mixer. The cheese grater plate looks like a plate with smaller size, angled holes in it. The holes will be about 1/4-inch in diameter or a little less.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

The cheese shredder goes in the pelican head. The meat grinder is the round one with small holes. You CAN use that for cheese, and the cheese will come out looking like spaghetti. Just put your hand in front of the exit area and rub to break the cheese strands up. You’ll end up with a sorta-diced appearance to the cheese.

15 pounds may take longer to mix depending on the agitator shape and how well it gets down into the bowl. I mix 4 pounds of flour in my 12 qt, so 15 pounds of flour should mix okay.

Check the RPMs of the Anvil on speed 2 vs the mixer Tom uses and see how it compares. Speed 2 will put more stress on the mixer than speed 1. If it starts bogging down at all, leave it on speed 1.

Thanks for the help snowman
the “spaghetti” strand cheese is what I remember from 25 years ago, I don’t currently have that attachment but I do have a pelican head and I’m not sure what attachments I have (in storage). I’m planning to try cutting some ham (for pizza topping with it.) I’ve been using speed 1 mainly for the dough I have tried speed 2 and it doesn’t bog down at all I’m just not sure if i"m mixing it for the right amount of time. I should have done more testing before I switched over but my back room was real crowded with both mixers out so the VCM is behind a table.