tom lehman.. dough sheeter problem


my dough ball (parbake recipe) going through the sheeter sometimes comes out like a checkerboard… having holes in the skin… what am i doing wrong… i thought at one time i had too much flour on the rollers… i’m not sure now… can you help? thanks

I’m not Tom but I use a sheeter for my dough. When this happens to me, it’s one of two things: Either my sheeter settings are set a little too thin trying to flatten the dough ball too quickly thus tearing it a little, or I’m not using enough flour on the dough ball and it is sticking to the rollers as it’s flattening out. Make sure your rollers are clean and there’s no hard, dry dough stuck to the them.

ok thank you, scootie, question for you… do you use the same flour as your dough or do you use just all purpose to run thru the sheeter… i’ve been using my good stuff … but i don’t use that much…


I just use the same flour (All Trumps).

Scootie is absolutely correct.
Additionally, your dough might be too firm/stiff to be sheeted. This is common when the dough has not been given sufficient fermentration prior to sheeting. Typically, overnight in the cooler is sufficient to give good sheeting properties providing you have allowed the dough to warm slightly for an hour or so at room temperature before sheeting. Another problem can be a dough that is getting beyond it’s window of use. The dough is getting old and gassy. When this type of dough goes through the sheeter it comes out looking like it has a bad case of cellulite and nothing you do will change it. Time to pitch the dough in this case.
Let me know if this helps.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

ok Tom I’m thinking the former rather than the latter is my defect. I’ll watch the fementation more carefully.