Tom Lehmann help on Dessert Pizzas

I have collected some dessrt pizza recipes from a supplier I met at a recent trade expo. They had some great tasting /quality long life fruit toppings and have emailed me a host of recipes.

Their dessert pizza calls for a sweet pizza (brioche) base.

I was wondering if our standard base would be OK (we do a sour dough base for our pizzas) as I don’t want to mix up a completely new batch in the early days of going with desssert pizzas?

Also if I do need to mix up a sweet base can they be frozen OK. If so how would you thaw them.?

I would expect sales to be slow at first so we would only take them from the freezer as ordered. Can they be quickly thawed in a microwave without affecting the quality?

Could I vacumm seal the bases and keep them in the coolroom for an extended period? This would remove the need to freeze them.

Any help on the above or any other comments are welcomed.


I’m not Tom, but I don’t recommend making 2 dough bases for such a limited product…

@ CiCi’s and other operations, they just use their regular base…the taste may not be exactly perfect for all, but it is fine for 99% of your customers…

Use a good quality of pie filling (apple & cherry most popular) and a baker’s crumb topping & glaze over the top…

make a 10" size & cut into 6 pcs.

also consider makeng brownies in your conveyor - works fine when cooked in a 1/2 sheet pan…

Cinnamon rolls are also easy to produce…

you can also make a dessert calzone

DO NOT VACUUM PACKAGE ANY PIZZA CRUSTS. There is a possibility of growing clostridium.
Try using your regular crusts with this modification: Shape the dough into your dough skin, then brush it with melted butter, sprinkle liberally with cinnamon, then sprinkle lightly with granulated sugar (keep the sugar away from the edge), now apply your fruit filling and bake like you would a regular pizza.
If you need something different, try this: Flour 100%; Salt 1.75%; Sugar 3%; Butter 5%; Yeast (IDY) 0.5%; Water 58% (70F). Use a standard overnight ferment in the cooler procedure and you should be just fine.
We made some really great dessert pizzas this way this past week and you would never have known that we used a regular pizza dough for the base.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Thanks for the info Tom.

I will just use my normal bases and do the adds like you described.