Tom Lehmann NY Style Conveyor Oven

Hi Tom,

Have you ever made a NY style pie in a conveyor oven? Do you have any starting points for dough recipes to try with?

PS. Really enjoyed your recording from pizza expo - sent me calzone mad for a week or two!


Yes, I have made a fairly decent N.Y. style pizza using an air impingement oven. The key is in using one of the hearth bake disks (cloud pattern) from Lloyd Pans at These baking disks were designed specifically for this type of application in an air impingement oven. If you don’t have a N.Y. dough formula here is a good starting point:
Flour: (13.5 to 14.5% protein content) 100%
Salt: 2%
Yeast: (Instant Dry Yeast/IDY) 0.3%
Water: (75F) 63%
Olive Oil: 2%

Temperature: 500 to 515F
Baking Time: About 4.5-minutes

Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor