Tom Lehmann's dough using Caputo "00" Pizza Dough

Here’s how the pizza turned out:

Good flour, good sauce… good looking pie! I am hungry! :shock:

That’s a mighty fine looking pizza!
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I know this is old, but I am new to the site and going back through posts to learn as much as possible.

Do you happen to have the recipe you used?


John @ K. Bravos

Perfection. I would eat that pie any day of the week. The Caputo 00 is more expensive, but I think the taste difference is worth it…and I’m convinced that your customers will too.

Your customers may not be familiar with the name, but some shops advertize that “We use only 100% Caputo 00 imported flour”…or something like that. It shows that they are committed to producing the best, regardless.
Some places even have a slightly elevated storage rack, against a customer area wall, where they stack 6 or 8 bags of regular inventory Caputo 00. If ya got it, flaunt it.