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Re: Make a Wish Foundation Request

I do believe this is a scam.

Re: Make a Wish Foundation Request

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!. I find this organization to be well worthwhile, and admirable . . . worth every effort to support the kids.

  1. I did a quick look on the Make a Wish Foundation website and find they only have one local office in GA/AL, and that is in Marietta GA. It might be worth a quick check with their offices before you do a whole bunch of market research for some list selling company. Incidentally, there are no listings in for SHARD in the states of Georgia or Alabama. I’m not saying that it is bogus, just has an outside chance not to be as advertised.

I do hope I am just overly suspicious. It smacks of a chain letter scenario. Was it sent email? or on MAW letterhead? or some other way?

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The GA office contact info is
1230 Johnson Ferry Road
Suite E-40
Marietta, GA 30068

Phone: (770) 916-9474
Fax: (770) 916-0222