Tom Please help my dough nightmare

Tom I really need your help once again, I just purchased a new delivery bag because the last ones just seemed to sweat all the time. So i did the test of the same pizza in each bag for 16 minutes each. As a result both pizza’s where both bad, so bad that they could both be the worst pizza’s i’ve ever had ever and it’s my sweat end tears that’s worked so hard for the past 3 years! Both pizza’s where so wet and soggy in the centres the only way i could liken it to would be eating a piece of bread out of a bowl off water, yep that bad! I’ll try and give you all the infomation you need about my process of my dough and the determining factors of my buisness. first my dough recipe, sorry i’m in Australia so i work on defferent measure. OK here’s my method - 6 litres of water at 16c then 240g of salt, 300g of sugar, 3 eggs, 11.5kgs of high protien flour, 450g of IDY, 500g of hard wheat semilana, wait 2 mintues then 700ml of oil which is 5% olive and the rest vegie oil. mix for about 10 mins. Then into a tub which is not air tight and placed in bulk into the coolroom. I always make sure it is at least 24 hours till i use the dough, but it makes 70 balls and can set out for up to 7 hours in its mass then it can go back into the coolroom again over night and then back out again the following day! I always have condensation on the top of the dough in the tub and on the lid and sides of the tub, on average about 100ml of water. My oven is a MM ps200 baked at 7 mins at 282c. I use a dough roller but still hand toss 2 - 6 times depending on the temp of the dough at the time, the skins are then placed into a deep dish pan with a lid even though the lids aren’t air tight. My pizza’s are not deep dish though they are thin at 12inch and balls are 270g. the can set up to 5 hours sheeted like this on a friday night I roll out 100 pizza’s ready for our rush. I also changed my pizza boxes about 18 months ago to a cheaper and thiner box, when giving out the pizza’s to customers they leave a sweat patch on my counter after a minute or 2! Ive read all your articles but confussed about what exactly to do? Thank you in advance for your help.