Tom: Pros & Cons of VCM mixer!!!!!

I would appreciate ur respnonse.


I love mine. I can’t think of any reason to switch.

some peope prefer doing larger batches of dough. Additionally, they are a bit more involved to clean up. Heats the dough up a little bit too. Nothing severe however. I am used to using both VCM’s and Hobart 60 quarts.

Larger batches are GREAT! The bigger the batches, the more volume in your store! GREAT!!! The thing is, with a smaller operation, it is better to make SMALLER batches. What do you do when your dough is ready to divide and ball up, and your phone rings? Not one or two, but three or four phone calls. Maybe a carry out or two in the middle? You and a driver are all that are there, you do your best, you handle the rush, only to find that your dough is twice it’s size and starting to get crusty once you get caught up. What do you do??? I’ll take my VCM and its “little” batches any day.

40 quart mixer with a LID or 60 qt with no lid… Really want to know which one will make the larger batch without getting flour all over the floor?

Then there’s 2 minutes per batch vs 10 minutes per batch.

Of course, the worst part of a VCM is that you can’t shred cheese… but you can dice it until it’s a powder :). Which is easier to spread… shred or dice?

Okay, it can’t slice veggies, can’t make sausage, etc. But seriously, saying a VCM makes small batches of dough is kinda weak.

Re: what about the spiral mixer

Where do spiral mixers come in on pros and cons ?

I have never used one, eventhough I have heard they are a little faster than planetary and they make a better finished dough, whatever that entails. Some bread makers swear by them.

Large ones are made to be used in large operations, though
Doyon makes a 30 pound flour capacity, 50 pound dough ball, spiral mixer that I understand has a # 12 hub on it for attachments.

Anybody with experience, please comment on spiral mixer too.