Tomato crusher

About three years ago I worked for a pizza place in pittsburgh, pa and we ground canned and peeled tomatoes to make the sauce…Now im opening my own and looking for the machine that did the crushing and seperation of seeds…anybody know the name of one or where i can get it?

Here’s a thought.
You can buy already ground, peeled or unpeeled fresh-paked fresh tomatoes in a can. I think they would be comparable to canned whole tomatoes.
Stanislaus 7/11 and Escalon 6in1 are 2 that I use and are considered the premium products in this line. There are probably others good ones out there also.


I don’t know if you are referring to a specific powered machine or not, but a food mill with a coarse disc should do what you need . . . separate the mashed tomato from the seeds and skin. I am not personally familiar with a motorized one . . . someone else will need to ride in on that.

George? You got something on this?

I have no clue brother, sorry.

But I am interested in knowing what pizza shop you worked at in Pittsburgh. Which one was it ?

Here’s what I came up with from Google. Granted these aren’t the size I suspect you’re looking for, but is this the type of device you’re refererring to? … ZAodGRcvFA

You are probably looking for a motorized sauce mill - I’ll look at the manufacturer’s name on our unit and let you know so you can look it up. We grind 10, or 20 (#10) can batches it should work for you.

Thank you all very much for your help. I have worked with 7/11 and sapporito but i beleive that the industry is changing and it seems as if the “margharita” type sauce is coming. Grinding the tomatoes give some extra texture and color.

*The pizza place in pittsburgh was Pizza Vesuvio on the south side

Help me understand the quoted above. What kind of sauce are you describing? What characteristics and flavor profile would you be referring to? So many places and regions have various meanings for those kinds of descriptors that I get lost in translation :frowning:

The sauce i am reffering to (margharita) is done a little bit chunky. The sauce itself has more of a natural flavor due to the grinding of tomatoes on site. When making this type of sauce you dont need to load it with spices. just some salt sugar and basil does the trick. It sure beats some sapporito and bonta


Sorry I have no clients doing that type process but Nick is correct a food mill should do that job.
George Mills

Is this the sort of contraption you were looking for?? The even have an electric powered one of them :smiley:

thats what you need - if you want the tomatoes any coarser you’ll have to hand chop them or gingerly use an immersion blender.

Thank you everyone for your help!!

The links you gave me I have found myself and I think thats the only one around…I would also suggest you try this sauce yourself…It seems like its modernized compared to your 7/11 or sapporito ground tomato mixed with super heavy

Let me know if you want to get the recipe

Here is the machine we use - it does a fantastic job for the $$$