Tomatoes... what are you doing?

We tossed all our romas and refused delivery of new ones from US Foods yesterday. Sysco said that they are not shipping tomatoes until this is sorted out.

We are offering a substitute of any other topping the customer wants for the combos that include fresh tomatoes.

What are you doing?

What’d I miss??

I have tomatoes from a delivery about 10 days ago . . . do I have a problem I don’t know about?

I stopped using them last week when i seen it on tv
i am hoping it does not effect the prices of the other tomato products…

Figured it out and called my supplier. they are holding any risky product, and selling the stuff cleared by the FDA to date. What I have in the shop is already cleared by when I bought it, so we will be selling tomato, and advising customers our product is safe, and anything else we buy going forward will have been cleared by FDA.

at the FDA suggestion, we switched to grape or cherry tomatoes until this thing is sorted out

Our supplier said there was no problems, that the tomatoes they supply us are prewashed in a sanitized solution bath … regardless, I’ve stopped putting them in salads for now; even if I know that the product’s safe, you can’t really blame people about being a bit paranoid about uncooked tomatoes right now. Still am using them as a pizza topping (any bacteria will be killed in the oven), but be careful that you sanitize knives & cutting boards after chopping tomatoes, just in case.

We’re doing the same as NY Pizza. We’ve got the OK from our distributor to keep selling them, but we’re not using any uncooked tomatoes on anything until this gets out of the news. It’s more for PR than anything; I don’t want customers to think we’re not taking the warnings seriously.

We are getting a lot of questions from customers about this though, and we’re constantly explaining that there is no danger with COOKED tomatoes.

We also got the go ahead from our distributor. They said the tomatoes they are selling are from a part of the country that has been cleared. I’ve been selling them so far, without much slack.

we’re closed on Mondays, so we stoped serving them on Tuesday… we were slow yesterday, possible that people may think those same tomatos are in the pizza sauce. However todays sales are promissing, so who knows.

We won’t be putting raw tomatos back in until they give the OK on the news.

We switched to the tomatoes that come on the vines (ok d by FDA), but got a call today warning that the price of tomatoes would quadruple tomorrow…


Sysco is delivering tomatoes again as of today in our area. We are back on board.

just read the update on the FDA site from yesterday saying that they are thinking it started in Mexico but are having problems tracking it down… plus 6 or 7 more states are effected now as well.

We also got the OK from our vendor today to continue with Romas.