Tom's dough making video part 2

I thought that part one of your dough making video was great, and I am looking forward to seeing part two. Do you know when it might get put up by chance?


Where’s the first one?

On the main pmq page instead of clicking on Think Tank, click on Pizza TV. Then click on video demonstrations (i think thats what it is at least?)

yeah, I would like to see it too!

Is anyone else having trouble viewing the videos from the page? I’ve made sure all my media players are up to date and I still get nothing. Videos in the same format from other pages work fine, just not those on this site. Any suggestions?

I have not had any problems. I sure am curious about the second video though.

Yes, I have trouble viewing the video. I get the audio and once in a while a still shot. My internet connection is “dial-up”. Maybe that’s my problem.