Tony Gemignani's Pizza School...

Anyone been? Or know anyone who has?



I’m thinking about going and it’s a considerable expense

What kind of things do you hope to get from a pizza school?

I was under the impression the class was more for pizza hobbyists.
But Ive never really checked it out

It wouldn’t be a justifiable expense in my world… but Im happy with my pizzas - depends on your needs/wants I suppose?

I believe they offer three courses…one for home chefs, one for neopolitian style, and one for American.

I own one store and with the type of volume we’re doing, I feel it’s a justifiable expense if I can walk away with a better grasp on the craft. We make great pizza now, but I’m also just comparing that to what’s offered around town. For multi-unit growth and menu expansion, I need some consulting. Thought this might be the ticket…so I wanted to see if anyone has experience.

The course was recommended to me at the pizza expo by another shop owner who attended five years ago and since won a world pizza championship at the expo.

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I will eventually go just for the experience

Excellent class - lots of meaningful dough science and hands on skill building!

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Several years back before I started my store, I entertained the idea of going. I was thirty for knowledge. Instead I went to his restaurant and just ate pizza! He happened to walk in, and I must say, Tony was extremely nice and offered a tour of his kitchen and made us feel at home. I reminded him how I took his 3 course seminar at Pizza Expo the year before, like he was going to remember me from the thousands of other faces at expo!.lol Actually, I just wanted to thank him because at Expo seminar, he gave everyone his recipe sheet which was my starting point for making pizzas. What impressed me the most was he really didn’t hold back any type of secrets, as is so prevalent in the pizza world. I say that because I used his recipes at home and sure enough, when going to his store in Frisco, the pizza tasted very much the same! Very simple ingredients, but he’s super picky about freshness and quality.
I guess it’s like hiring a consultant, with focus on the pizza. And I’m sure he’ll answer any other questions of the biz you might have as well. In my opinion if you can afford it and make a mini vacation out of it, you got nothing to lose. At the very least you’ll be eating some damn good pizza!
By the way, I have seen owners who have gone to his classes and post their diploma and a few pics on the wall. So for marketing purposes you could kinda show off and say you went there!