Tooting my own Horn !

Our City has a weekly “City Paper” and once a year they do a section of “Best of”… The readers vote and highest number of votes wins. You can place 1st, 2nd or 3rd. It’s a highly anticipated circulation!

Here in Pittsburgh, there are ALOT of pizza shops and EVERYONE is a critic! The top winners in ANY poll are always Mineo’s and Fiori’s, which have been around for over 3 decades. In fact, Fiori came from Mineo’s and my husband came from Fiori’s - after 17 years working there.

When the contest opened, I marketed the heck out of us and did everything to get our customers to vote. Dwaine told me I was wasting my time because we are new (18 months) and not in the city (we are in the suburbs), and we did not have a chance against the big names.

But I kept plugging away because I KNOW we have the best pizza!

WELL - The results were announced and we came in 2nd!!! Behind Mineo’s and ahead of Fiori’s! We are really excited to be recognized along with shops that have been around forever, and we are new :smiley:

Just wanted to brag a little :wink:

Congratulations! Hard work always pays off… Now he owes you big time for nay saying your efforts…

Great job !




[size=7]Good Job[/size]

That is the kind of thing you like to have happen.


Great Job.

Go toot your own all as much as you want. You have to toot your own horn, or get people to do it for you, because not may people will toot it for you.

And as a side note you sound as pushy to your husband as my wife is to me :stuck_out_tongue: and no come backs about behind every good man there is a good woman… :roll:

And that goes for all the other female posters as well :wink:



We got 3rd in a similar vote online the past 2 years, 25 miles outside our metropolitan area.

Now follow up with a 8 foot outdoor color banner reading
“Voted #2 Best Pizza in … 2007” by City Paper. I use bungy cords to attach to my facade.

I Guarantee it will be worth the $100 printing, when everyone wants to see why you were voted #2, and those who were thinking of trying you, now have a good reason!

Make sure you frame a copy of the article, blown to 24x36, in your dining room or waiting area. Everyone will want to know who else is on the list.
Also, ensure the “Voted #2 Best Pizza…” in on your website, the front of your To Go menus, and any direct mail or newspaper ads you run.


Your competitors are thinking its a fluke, until you do it again next year…SO GO KICK SOME A_S!

Nice job - it should drag in some new customers too.

See if there is a “Best In Pitt.” logo the paper uses - if they allow it, get the image, and include it in all your printed advertising!

Thanks for all the comments and suggestions - I love this place!

OK if we are sharing…

A Couple months ago Fox 5 Atlanta(Atlanta’s fox station) has a hot list that was similar to what started this post. We also aggressively marketed voting for us as well. The results came in and we got third! The best part is we are a small shop with one location…the winner was Johnny’s Pizza with 30 locations and 2nd was Shorty’s that has multiple downtown locations.

Really helped us get encouraged about the business again!

Wow, it sounds like your paper does it right. I always hated those because Dominos would get best pizza, McDonalds would get best hamburger and Taco Bell would get best mexican food. Needless to say, some people shouldn’t get to vote :).

Congrats, where you guys located. I am in McKeesport.

We are in South Park - come visit us!

Awesome! Anytime you can get that kind positive media coverage for next to nothing is invaluable! Keep it up and you can be number 1!