Top Round Roast

Due to the HIGH rising cost of our shaved ribeye we use for our steak & onion subs & pizzas $5.80 #lb I am looking to possibly switching to a top round roast, cooking & shaving it myself. I saw on some show about using the roast for this, BUT Im looking for a GOOD spice rub mixture for it. Any suggestions ???

You may not be too pleased with the flavor or texture of the round roasts compared to ribeye.
If I was doing this, I would start with a denuded inside round, inject it with a liquid containing seasonings and phosphates to hold moisture. look here >>( )
And I would roast it in a very high moisture environment such as an Alto-Shaam to try to get the highest yield out of it.
You may not see any savings when you factor in the added cost of labor and less than 100% yields.
Edited to add;
Check to see if you can get Italian Beef made by Devanco in Chicago, spectacular stuff IMO, the price is right, and it is really really good.

Why don’t you just buy shaved loin tail? We pay ~$3.50 right now. I tried using top round roast but everyone including myself thought it was too “roast beef tasting” to play around with