Top Ten Ways to get a customer to walk in the door

  1. Fix yourself something eat and sit down and think "Ahh, Finally I can eat in peace.
  2. Wake up late and turn your oven on 20 minutes prior to opening, this should get that 10:45 am phone in multiple pie order.
  3. Turn you oven off 10 minutes before closing time.
  4. Walk out back to have a cigarette.
  5. Recieve a call from your children, whom you never see now that your in the PIZZA BUSINESS.
  6. Put on a batch of Dough on a hot humid afternoon (this will trigger a good 25 minute rush.
  7. Try to converse with an attractive female customer.
  8. Pull the grills and fryers out for a cleaning.
  9. Come within striking distance of high score on a vending machine.
  10. Run out of anything (It will be ordered almost simultaneously.

I thought those were my business secrets! Are you corporate spying on me?

I swear when I want the phone to ring I start to head to the bathroom.

Have one of your drivers get a flat tire and see how many deliveries come in.

Say " I guess its Ok if you go home early its kinda slow today"

  • Have two employees call in “sick”
  • Plan on leaving for vacation the next day (usually triggers catering orders)
  • Decide to remodel your dining area
  • Start breaking down and cleaning the kitchen early

Turn Everything off including the front lights why cleaning up but forget to lock the door.People still want to order even though its hard to read the boards.


Try to log on the PMQ to post in the … oops, the phone is ringing, I have to go.