Top vs bottom heat

Hi guys,

I have been cooking pizza in a home enviroment but very shortly I will be doing it in a commercial oven. The oven is a twin deck electric oven that tops out at 900 degrees F, I can adjust the top and bottom heat in each deck independently, I will obviously play around with different temperatures but I was hoping some of you can point me to a good place to start (temperature wise)
I will be making a NY style pizza and want the pizza to have a bake time of around 5minutes, it is a 63-65% hydrated dough btw.
I have heard that the top heat should be around 50 degrees F higher than the bottom heat…sound right?

Thank you in advance for any help you guys can offer.



Hi Bray shaw

What is the make and model of your oven? Do you have stone or steel decks?

George Mills

Thanks for replying George, I am in the UK and the oven is an imperial with stone decks.


Sorry Paul :

I know nothing about your oven.

George Mills