Topic Reply Notification - sending me somewhere else.

Not sure if anyone else has had this problem, but since lastnight whenever i recieve a Topic Reply Notification in my e-mail and i click on the link to go to the topic, it redirects to here:

Maybe it’s just my pc…

same thing happening to me if I do a google search and go that way, also thought it was just my computer.

It happened to me too.

Yup, here too, but only some of the time.

Me too. Started a few days ago.

I used the forum search, and when I tried to click on the “1” to get to the 1st page of the thread I was redirected to an online pharmacy site.

Even brought me to the other website just now.

I hope you all are looking into this. At best it’s a server or coding error. At worst, it’s a site hijack.

Please acknowledge and or give us a status update as to your steps to secure your valuable site and reputation.

Silence on bad publicity issues only invites worse rumors to proliferate.

Just used my topic reply e-mail and it DID send me to the correct address at pmq.
Seems like it just got fixed today.

I have fixed this. It shouldn’t be an issue any longer. ^^ I’m reworking tons of code on our main site, forums, recipes, and radio. This pharmacy link was the last of the main “cans of worms” we had. I’m the new webmaster here at PMQ as of January 2010 and I’m trying to revamp all of our sites. If you have any more issues like this one please let me know! Happy Surfing 8)

Mike Cockrell
PMQ Pizza Magazine

Worked for me too. Thanks for the update!