topless delivery drivers, any thoughts

just kidding, i was hoping for some info on employee documentation. Is just a green card and social security card ok. That’s all that is required by law but should I be calling in the numbers etc. Thanks

You need to have a completed I-9 Form for every employee. The instructions that come with the form will tell you what acceptable documentation you need. There’s a lot of different things that will work.

You don’t have to call anything in, just keep them on file. And always keep your I-9 Forms for active employees in their own folder, not in the employee’s personnel file. The INS is authorized to come in and audit your I-9’s, but it would be an employee privacy violation if you let them go through their personnel file.

As far as calling them in, check with your state. In PA, we have what’s called “New Hire Reporting” I think we have 3 days to report any new hires. I believe the main goal is to keep up with the losers who don’t pay child support, but the state also verifies the socials to make sure they’re real. Not sure if any other states have laws like this.