Topping cost. Need help?

I’m trying to calculate a single 8x10 Detroit pizza cost. My store will sell only Detroit style and only 1 size. I’m from Asia so the ingredients cost may different with you guys who from US and Europe.

1 pie
Flour: 158.02g ~ 0.09243 USD
Cheese: 200g ~ 1.46700 USD
IDY: 0.79g ~ 0.0041949 USD
Water + salt (negligible) and sauce not figured out yet but the whole pie without topping I guess costing about 1.57500 USD

So how do I calculate for a suitable topping cost for every single pizza? Maybe cost of the topping as 30% the total pizza cost? So the pizza will cost 2.25 USD and the topping cost 0.675 USD? Thank you guys so much.

Example: 14" pizza using a 1kg case of a topping that cost $10.00 for the case.

Using a pizza or postal scale you can build your base pizza on the scale, tare it out and then add each topping as you see fit. This will give you your topping weight.

Once you have your topping weight - we’ll use grams for this example - you can figure out your price per gram for that topping. To get that, we would multiply total case weight, assuming it’s measured in Kilos, by 1,000 which gives you your total grams in the case (1x100=1,000), then you can divide the price you paid per case by total ounces in the case ($10.00 / 1,000 = 0.01). So, if you paid $10.00 for a 1kg box of a specific topping, it would be 1 cent per gram for that topping.

Now that you know what an ounce of that topping costs, simply calculate the ounces you put on the pizza by the price you paid per ounce of the topping. For instance if you put 200 grams of the topping, it would cost you $2.00 for that topping for that specific sized pizza.

I hope that helps or if it’s even what you are asking…