topping cups

Who makes the best in your opinions the best topping cups especially when it comes to weighing of cheese. Which do you prefer? And who did you buy them from.

I’m sitting here looking at two different cups. One is from Leprino Foods and the other is from Grande. Both are cheese manufacturers/suppliers. Both cups are marked for both diced and shred type cheese. Check with your cheese supplier/manufacturer to see if they have some that they can send your way.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Many, many years ago I used some simple cups from Wal-Mart…we bought 2 different colors for 2 different weights & per-loaded a hundred cups or so…

We used shredded cheese…a minor hassle, but worth it…

My preference for high volume operations is to use diced cheese and a small portion cup, using, say one scoop for a medium, two for a large…

Thank you I use grande so I will contact them.Much appreciate your time.