Topping Distribution

hey there,

I have googled out of idea’s and need a life line assist. I was formally employed by p.j. now with another company. one of the training aids they had was a plexiglass disc, approx. 14" with lines painted on. This was an overlay you could hold above the pizza to see if the toppings were evenly/equally distributed through out the pizza. Does anyone have any suggestions where as i may obtain one of these. it was one of the best training tools i worked with. Thanks for the help![/b]

As far as I know, this training disc is specific to PJ and their desired topping distribution.

I have not seen another disc like this and I have worked for 4 different Pizzerias in my working life time.

i saw a pallet of em at auction few months back probally bout 1000 they were from a pizza hut went for 50cents for the whole pallet will be at that auction in 2 weeks will get some if any are left

Thanks pizzajgirl and pizzabarntn, any idea if they are going to be on ebay, or locally for the auction?

i would be worried about a employee who cant look at a pie and tell if it is evenly topped? does your oven guy not check each pie before it goes in the oven?? on weekends i run one filter(checks pies and loads and unloads pizzas) and one cutter(post tops, cuts pizza, and sends it out after one final check). i think it would take more time to use the plexi topping tool than to just teach them to do it right the first place.