Topping Prices

What are your topping prices for each size pizza you have? We are thinking about taking them up a bit on our next menu. Here are ours:

7" .75 and $1.25

10" $1 and $2

12" gluten free $1.49 and $2.98

14" 1.60 and 3.20

16" 1.80 and 3.60

20" 2.20 and 4.40

The first price is for regular toppings the second price is for premium toppings (chicken, bacon and steak)

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9"- $1
12"- $1.25
14"- $1.50
16"- $1.75

I still charge $1.00 no matter what size.

I’m stuck in the 90’s

12” $.75

16” $1.50

I make money on most items of my toppings (Pepperoni is my faVorite. So easy, so popular)

bacon topping sucks im pretty sure I lose money when bacon is ordered, its should be a premium topping

$1 no matter the size? What!!! Seems nuts on the surface haha

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10" 1.75
12" 2.
14" 2.25
16" 2.75
18" 3.
18"x26" 3.75

I’m going to have to work on changing that. I still have another 30% of price increases that I need to do over the next 3 years. Topping price has to go UP

Also I ordered a Kitchen Display System for testing. Only been talking about it for 3 years

Let me know how you like it! I’ll be interested to see how things go for you!

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10" $1.25
12" $1.50
14" $1.75
16" $2.25

Although the range of prices is interesting and helpful I would think it important to know the spec for the quantity of toppings or am I missing something? I have seen on a 16" , for instance, anything from 15 pieces to 105 pieces. And what about the quality as it relates the price of the topping?

16" pepperoni we’re about 60 pieces

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New prices coming this week. Side note. We are in the lunatic state of California where some chains are now adding a surcharge for “doing business in the state of California” (their words not mine). Interesting because in the past operators just raised their prices when expenses rose from whatever source. Now they are laying the cause of the increase to (in this case) the State of California. Legitimately so but an interesting departure.
10" 1.29
12" 1.79
14" 1.99
16" 2.39

Hormel pepperoni for instance

I’m not sure how you guys do it out there!

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Yea I saw that PH was adding a “California Fee” What city are you in gmac42?

North Orange County, a few locations.
I was thinking about the California Fee and then the minimum wage increase coming January 1st again. At what point do we begin pricing people out of the market? It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. We talk about the lowest common denominator brands like Taco Bell or maybe McDonalds. Will a portion of the public gravitate towards them because they are the lowest cost with a recognizable name and reputation? Regardless of whether we think they are good, bad or something in between they are the lowest cost reputable places to fill your stomach. California is a business killing state and it is going to get worse given the virtual dominance of one political party.

I worry about when our minimum wage goes up from $7.25, kudos to all of you guys in Cali making it work, it can’t be easy on your bottom line

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Nice to know. We are just over the hill from you in the Inland Empire area

Looking forward to getting over there one day. Don’t know why I have not yet. What is your location that is most close to the 91?

We are all along the 60 freeway. From Pomona to Riverside.