Topping specs/weights/portions

what do you all use for say ground pork/beef topping portions? What about veggies?

ground pork/beef topping portions.

We use generally the same weights for all the main ingredients.

16" . . . . . 3 oz
12" . . . . . 2 oz
10" . . . . . 1 oz

Highly seasoned and strong flavored toppings go less. For us, that includes pepperoni (2.25/1.5/.75 or so), feta, chopped garlic, jalapeno, banana peppers, bacon, pepperoncini, spinach. Ham is a little lighter due to cost, and good coverage with less meat.

We went with a simple model of keeping the most popular toppings consistent weights and prices. Less for staff to remember, and makes for a full pie to alow us a better price point. Even the pricier toppings are same weight, just a ‘premium’ price.

know what that translate to in cups? Personally I think it’s easier to use cup measurements than to weight each topping as you’re making pizzas. My make line is already patheticly slow as it is.

They don’t make cups small enough for me to measure 1 ounce of onion or bell pepper rings :shock: I suspect that for most toppings, though you could find some measuring cups, plastic should work fine, and weigh the toppings in each cup measure to see what you want to use.

I know some places even carry 1/8 and 1/16 cup sizes for specialty uses . . . but you may get into size issues for some of the odd shapped toppings. Give it a go. Heck, some small ramekins could even be your key . . . lots of sizes of them on the market. Even going to metric measures would get you in the neighborhood.

The dirty little secret is that we free throw the toppings, and count the pepperoni. We ‘callibrate’ every few days to be sure we are on the same measure. Only 1 guy and I do 95% of the pizzas. We just put a portion scale down, and weight out the topping, place on pie to see coverage. We are actually consistently very close on most of the toppings, even beef and pork. Within less than .25 ounce usually. We do actually weih out the Train Wreack 20 topping pies. Talk about labor intensive.

We have a scale we are moving to for more accuracy. Gotta get a foot pedal for it as there is no auto-sensor on this model I have.