Topping storage

I store several of my toppings in plastic buckets with lids and store in cooler under my make line. Several times a day the lids taken off and resealed then stored back in the cooler until the next order. Recently a customer called and said she found a shaving of plastic under their cheese. I immediately went to the customers home to inspect the pizza and I too found a plactic shaving under the cheese of this customers pizza.

I went back to the pizzeria and inspected everything used that may have been plastic and found one lid with broken tab and one lid with a broken tab and the rim was dented or a piece broke off.

I am not 100% sure but I believe this is the source of the shavings that my customer found in their pizza. Is there some other storage container that I could use so this does not happen again?

the best is stainless steel steamtable pans with covers,they are a little pricy
but well worth the investment ,and will last a lifetime

Either get better quality containers or buy the new “cheese flavored” containers.

ha ha ha…thanks for your input

Oooooh! Can I get that in provolone . . . and is the price of that going through the roof as well?

Seriously, you can get used stainless containers all over the place for good price. I paid $1.50 apiece for the last batch of eighteen 1/6 containers 6" deep.

Or if using plastic, cough up the money for bins designed for food storage. The kind with the lids you are describing probably aren’t, are they? There are food storage containers the same size and shape as a 5-gallon bucket, but the lid doesn’t have that same snap-on style.
Also - for storage in a makeline fridge, I use all rectangular food bins. All different sizes - I fill like every inch of the thing sometimes and round containers I think would waste space…