toppings beneath the cheese

What do you all think of the major ops who put their toppings directly on sauce and then finsh with cheese?




we do half the cheese, then the toppings, then the other half of the cheese…cook in a MM 360…comes out great and we use less cheese I believe…customers think we use extra cheese…a win/win

We put all toppings under the cheese except for Shrimp, jalapenos and Hot bannana peppers.

I know PJ’s puts the toppings directly on the sauce, but Dominos put the cheese down first and the toppings on top. Extra cheese will go on top of the toppings. As far as why PJ’s does it this way, I would imagine the reason as whay one of the other posts says, skimp on the cheese, and make the customer feel good about it. I persomally can’t stand pepperoni thats cooked under the cheese, as its soggy and doesn’t crisp up.

pepperoni & veggies cook well under the cheese, IF you don’t rush the cooking process…I run my ovens 6.5-7+ minutes…we use a blend of Grande WM + good toppings & fresh veggies…run 200+ pies on a slow day…

We do the split cheese with toppings in between. Great results in our deck oven. It’s our fresh vegetables watering out a bit that causes more troubles than the pepperoni not crisping.

We will likely move to par-cooking the peppers, onions and mushrooms since they are biggest culprits. Plus, they are ready for sandwiches and such.

doesnt make sense to me to put toppings underneath

Doesn’t make sence to me not to put cheese on top. It holds every thing together.

I agree with Daddio, Everything except Pepperoni, Bacon, Pineapple, Anchovies and Jalapeno go under the cheese. I put these topping aboce because the pepperoni and bacon I want to crispy up. The jalapenos and pineapple because of the wetness, it dries them out a little keeps the pizza crisper. The anchovies, I have never eaten anchovie on pizza and thought it looked good on top and a little more done.

Gentlemen Please . You do not cook a pizza you Bake a pizza. Any professional baker would be laughing at all these posts about cooking pizza. Its not a stew its a pizza.
George mills

Some of the weird makes customers want with everything on it doubled up comes out like a stew. :lol: Toppings so thick that the bottom layers don’t “cook/bake” properly.

While I agree that I bake my pies, I also contend that bake and stew are sub-techniques of “cook”. Other sub-techniques of cooking would be braising, roasting, sauteeing and frying.

Cooking is the application of heat to ingredients with varying resulting changes. Baking is cooking that aplies that heat within a confined area in order to create a mass of heat with convection, induction and radiant aspects impacting the material being baked.

I like the idea of putting down a layer of cheese then toppings then cheese with any extra cheese going on top. There are exceptions though, sliced meats being one of them. If you have a pie with just ham or just pepperoni I like it on top of the cheese. Veggies are good on top too because they’re not soggy. With any veggie, especially onions and peppers the thinner you slice it or the finer you dice it, the more flavor it will put in your food. The only exception might be tomatoes.

Debate is good.

In the food service industry there are cooks and there are bakers. Refer to what a professional baker is doing as cooking and he will most often take umbrage.

I observe that all craftsmen, justifiably, hold their area of expertise to be distinct and different than others.Not necessarily better but distinct from others and they cherish their titles and terms of the trade.

I make the distinction between bakers and cooks not to denigrate one as opposed to the other but to honor the knowledge and skills indigenous to each and to give to each the hard earned titles their expertise deserves.
George Mills

Who cares? just answer the question, toppings on top or under the cheese. I know sometimes people need to find fault in things but cook and bake? We all know what is being talked about. Next I am gonna have to watch my spellling? lol

I have done both, let me explain.
I am in a franchise that says you put 60% of cheese on bottom, then toppings, then the other 40% of cheese over toppings. While I have seen it stated that this would allow you to use less cheese we were supposed to use more than anyone else around here.

However one of the biggest complaints we would get is skimpy pizzas. The problem was not skimpy toppings it was that the custos could’nt see the toppings. We switched to all cheese on the bottom and if they ask for extra cheese we put most of that on the bottom as well but sprinkle a little on the top “for effect”. This has worked out much better! Our pizza are considered “loaded” with toppings and no one has complained about cheese not being over the toppings.

George all I can say to that is…AMEN !