What do you weigh other than cheese?

Everything that can’t be counted.

“Like” :mrgreen:

No. The time is more valuable than the onions.

No, I do keep an eye on the production line and the staff are all pretty experienced and know roughly how much to put on. I think you can over complicate things and slow things down if you put to many rules, as always its about finding the balance.

When someone did the math for me, I got into weighing or counting everything except onions and mushrooms. It should be even more important for moderate to high volume shops. Just for sausage . . .

If you pay 3.50/ lb for cooked, prepared sausage, then
.22 per ounce prepared

On a 14" pizza you put 5 ounces of sausage (If you aren’t weighing then you have no idea how much you really are putting)

Many people think a half ounce over here and there is no big deal. That’s 11 cents over cost each time the prep cook goes over weight. For every 100 pies you are paying 11.00 to avoid the “inconvenience” of weighing. That is one topping.

Chicken is another pricey topping, bacon, ham, Canadian/back bacon . . . . these are proteins. Nearly every pizza going out has a protein on it in most markets. Try adding 11 to 15 cents to the price of your 14" pizza and see if you are happy. Count how many pizzas you sold last week and multiply by 11 cents . . . are you happy givig away potentially that much money? THAT IS ONE TOPPING . . . if you have a meat lover with 4 meats, you could be handing off 44 cents on each one.

Any argument that states “we don’t lose that much money” is completely unsubstantiated since anyone not weighing, and can’t prove how much they are or are not losing. Mine is a worst case scenario . . . then my next question is: How much money are you willing to risk/lose/give awaybefore it becomes important. Multiply your pizza count for the year and askl yourself if you are willing to lose just 11 cents per 14" pie.

I leave the “cheating the customer” side of the argument for someone else. Consistency of product is insanely important in any market and more so in a tight economy.

I’m with you, Nick, but I will draw the line at counting pepperoni slices anymore. We used to do that, bleaaaaaaaahhhhhhh… Now, I’m calling it a “heavy cover” a “solid cover” and “spaced”, with bigger spaces for each additional topping. With a sample I’ve done myself, and a picture taken of it, it’s not difficult to train the make staff.

The problem I’ve found, and it continues to scare me, is the lack of math skills in younger people anymore. “Those damned kids!” :mrgreen: :roll: I don’t want to do even ounces on everything, necessarily, but half ounces cause a huge problem with some. And, there are some who can’t add 5+3+3. Re-tare the scale for each ingredient? I don’t think so…

For this reason alone, my step-daughter will not be allowed in the kitchen. Unless she gets her math act in gear, she won’t be waiting tables either.

I’m resisting the urge to RnR about math education these days…

we always used portion cups for everything no scales used chopped cheese seemed as long as we dropped filled the cups there were no issues

Chicken and expensive meats are weighed and portioned into tubs, as are some other gourmet speciality toppings. Other standard lines are not weighed due to vast number of multi topping signature pizzas. We do not have cheese + topping + topping + topping as a lot of you guys have.
Pizza makers are trained to how much topping, such as spacing for pepperoni etc.
Food costs are around 28% vs industry average of 35% here.