Tornado Damage

I know it is off topic but am wondering if any think tankers have felt the fury of the tornados raging across the southern areas of the USA. We are getting reports here of huge fatalities and extreme damage.
Just hoping none of you guys have been affected.


Had a funnel ravage the edge of town and part of the county, but no damage here. It touched down maybe 1.5 miles west from the shop and went northeastish . . . another one hit the neighboring county maybe 4 miles southeast of us. A whole lot of wind and lightning, but we took no direct damage. Some peolpe we know got some roof lifting and some other damage, but no injuries that we know of.

Just the hail damage from 3 weeks ago and the roof now leaking. Insurance is a MUST in this business :o) May get some new roofing if it took enough of a beating.

I’m with Dave…Hope everyone is ok and hanging in there. Sounds like the next month or two is going to be busy on the weather front. Having had to manage people during a tornado…I would say this is a great time to review storm procedures and make sure everyone knows what to do and where to go if they are faced with a situation like we have seen this past week. Be safe!