Tortilla Crust Pizza

Torizza is made on soft tortilla flatbreads, all the flavor without the fill. Pizza that’s thinner than a dime, just has to be better for you.

If you have some spare time, whip one up with your ingredients. There is a recipe at torizza dot com. Think you will be suprised at how well they crisp up in no time, and taste great. Just remember to fine chop toppings, it’s about flavor … not fill.

I totally agree. Pizza on a tortilla is much healthier and is actually very good. I do this at home all the time. The key is not to overload the “crust” with too many ingredients. I like to put feta, sun dried tomatoes and artichoke hearts. YUM

Agree…Good post…

Building a pie on one of our 13" tortillas is the closest I get to recreating the pizza we enjoyed during a recent trip to Rome! Lightly sauced…VERY lightly cheesed, and as you suggest, ease up on the toppings. Quick, and delicious