Tossing flour

I’ve always used our regular four to hand stretch and toss our dough. I’ve been playing around with semolina instead. I also did a mix of the two. I think my favorite is the mixed flour and semolina. What do you use?

Light sprinkle of flour only, Hate the mess of semolina.

I use a wheat flour as it gets less in the air and such than normal white flour.

Everyone seems to have their favorite, mine happens to be equal parts of my regular pizza flour, corn meal and semolina flour. I like to table stretch my dough so as soon as I’m finished stretching the skin out to size I like to give it a quick toss to get rid of and excess dusting flour.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Wondra - I love it
Semolina made my pizzas too dry
Flour made my pizza too bitter
Cornmeal burns and stinks up the place.
Wondra is my favorite! I think rice flour worked well too

I keep a half pan of APF on the stretching table, we toss a dough ball in there without much more on the table, but we mostly toss/spin to get size once the ball is flattened enough.
We recently changed from cornmeal to semolina for dusting our peels , way less mess, less burning and smoke pouring out of the ovens,