Total mixer confusion!

So I’m looking at mixers today. Is a 1.5 HP Hobart that much better than a 2HP off brand? I don’t understand the huge price difference!

I will let George or Tom answer as they know more then me, but it also depends on what type of mixer you are looking at. Spiral, planetary, VCM and then single phase or 3 phase.

Don’t know what other brands you may be looking at… and even though we do not use a Hobart, I will say they have a reputation for lasting DECADES and the resale value on them stomps ANY other brand.

Single phase planetary mixers. 30-40 qt capacity.

Well, I have a “Globe 20” sitting idle because it cannot do much without popping the overload breaker, I use an old spiral mixer for dough, and refuse to make dough in a planetary mixer because of it…

The Globe mixer only gets used for grinding meat, because it is easier than lifting my dedicated grinder up to table height

The Hobart is the best buy

George Mills

I wrote an article addressing the differences in mixers between the same brand as well as the different types of mixers. You should be able to find it in the In Lehmann’s Terms archives.
Tom Lehmann/the Dough Doctor