Touch Screens for Makeline Monitors

I want to upgrade my makeline monitors to touchscreens. What does everyone recommend? I need it to be responsive and able to withstand day to day abuse.
I currently use a wireless mouse

I don’t use these but I believe Elo is a good brand for touchscreens in a commercial setting:

Do you use just a wireless keyboard?

We use a bump bar keypad. It’s a QSR piece of hardware. That attaches to the QSR box


Yup yup I totally remember now.

Do you use the 19.5 inch for all your stations? I still use the 15 inch

I don’t use them, at least not these touchscreen ones. I think mine are 15. I’ve duplicated my pizza screen with a VGA splitter for the stretch table to see easier. That on is 24 I think. I wish they all were 24 now!

Evo is definitely a good product. I have worked with them in the past and had no issues.

definitely recommend the bump bar as opposed to touch screen for kitchen. Bump bars last ALOT longer and you can get a HUGE screen from Costco for a couple hundred bucks that will my much easier to read