TRACKING Customer by Zones

Database mailing have been giving us great results but as of now we’re just sending the same ad pieces to all customers in our system that we have addresses for. We’d like to take this a step further and be more strategic such as sending different offers to lazy customers and active customers.

We’re using Speedline as our POS w/ Microsoft Map Point. My questions are:

1.) How do you divide your trade area into zones using your POS?
2.) How can I get all the street names in my trade area of 4 miles ? Is there a software? Getting a Thomas Guide and manually inputting each street name is obviously the last thing we want to do :). There are parts in our area that are newer communities so about 3% of the streets might not be on any mapping system.

In addition to database solo-mail, we’d also like to use this for our door hanging efforts.

Thanks guys!

Hi movvid,

Sorry I missed this the first time. I replied to your re-post in the POS Forum.